Swan-like Grace In A Dreamy Debut: Silver Swans – Forever

Few things in life beat the rush of discovering a new band. One of those is discovering an awesome new band. And that’s exactly what’s happened with Silver Swans and their debut album Forever,stumbled upon after a comment on a HEALTH video recommended this similar, but less inaccessibly ‘out-there’ band. It seems not all YouTube comments are mindless word vomit sometimes, and a quick listen only vindicated my curiosity, this was a band worth hearing.

‘I knew camping was a bad idea..’

The similarities to HEALTH are certainly there but they’re one of many, a small part in this collage of sounds; an airy, ethereal mix of The Cocteau Twins, Beach House, Crystal Castles and The XX that meld together to create a unique whole, a feather-light sea of synths and half-sung, half-breathed vocals, surrounded by pounding beats. This is some of the dreamiest dream-pop you’re likely to hear, music for nights alone.

In the manner of all true dream-pop the vocals are more about the tone and texture than the actual words accompanying them, their songs of love and longing aren’t covering any new ground but at least they have the decency to cover it in pretty sounds as they go along, all part of the simple charm that coats the album as thickly as the vintage 80s synths they lay over it, the album harkens to the past so much you almost get nostalgic listening to it.

It is, however, ultimately this simplicity and delicateness that holds it back, the album could be argued to not really develop or go anywhere, all the pretty sounds blending into a charming yet indistinguishable bundle. I couldn’t describe any of the songs individually as they all eventually become one singular whole. All i’d really say is that i like them. All of them. A lot. I just wish they went somewhere, stretched their sound a bit more, showed some more expansiveness and and ambition to complement the core niceties.  The whole album is just calling out for one song to storm out of the mix and shake you out of your blissful stupor, grab you by the throat and say ‘This is a great album!’. As is it seems to content to let the whole thing just calmly wash over you, ending before you even realised and happy to remain within the realm of good solid listens rather than something to truly grab your interest and keep that name circling in your head.

But then, this is only a debut and perhaps it’s overly critical to any expect more than a solid foundation, a consolidation of identity and sound. But when they’re this solid and there is this much promise you just want it to explode before you and realise it already. But then maybe they’re just being teases.



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