Hallelujah! The Prodigal Son Returns!//Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend! Review

Oh, erm, hello? Where did you come from? It’s only been 10 years. You’re just lucky it was worth the wait.

So, yeah, Godspeed You! Black Emperor are back all of a sudden, that kinda came out of nowehere, not many bands just re-emerge after 10 years out unless it’s some cash-in reunion tour. This, however, is no cash-in and not many bands come back from 10 years out with a bang like this. This is quite simply mind-blowing stuff we’re dealing with here. Allelujah indeed, and Godspeed most certainly ascend with what may be their finest ever release(no, really).

Not that much has changed in those 10 years though, ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!’ is pure Godspeed. It’s long, it’s epic, it’s furious, it flutters between the peaceful and the discordant and it is instrumental as hell. They music the shit out of those instruments. For 20 minutes at a time. As always its the longer pieces that are what you came for, even though tracks like ‘Their Helicopters Sing’ and ‘Strung Like Lights At The Three Printemps Erable’ are well over 6 minutes long they feel like they’re over in a breeze; atmospheric filler to suspend you for the main act. And the big boys don’t disappoint, they’re like the most epic soundtrack to the most epic film that has ever existed; just wait till those strings hit you in ‘Mladic’, jesus they’re awesome sounding.

For a long time I’ve considered Teeth of the Sea to be kings of the instrumental; Godspeed show them how it’s done, like some old master returning from the shadows to stun the young upstarts with their sonic sorcery. Mogwai can’t even compete, they’re blown out of the water within the first 5 minutes. And that’s no disrespect to either band, this is just a phenomenally furious album, this is just a band operating on a different plane.  Even ‘Raise Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven’ doesn’t contain as much condensed awesome as this, it’s basically two songs with interludes and it absolutely flies by. I wasn’t even that into Godspeed until like a month ago. Now? Shit, I can’t stop.

Seriously, my only complaint is that this isn’t longer. I just want more. I want more 20 minute mind morphing madness. I want an endless supply of this, soundtracking my entire life. Damn you Godspeed! Is that too much to ask? Just take your five stars and comeback with more of this. Much more. I’ll just put this on repeat until then.



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