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Oh, this is new. Indeed it is, it’s a new thing I’m doing where I showcase a song from an album or artist I’ve been listening to but haven’t had time to review properly. The intention is to do it daily since they’re pretty short and snappy but, well, we’ll see how that goes. Anyway, back to the music.

One of those albums I always intended to review but never actually got around to, Heartland is the debut album from Owen Pallett, formerly of Final Fantasy, a band notable for confusing gamer fanboys and having  a totally serious album called He Poos Clouds. Fortunately this is better than defecating clouds, even if it is almost as weird. The super-meta narrative follows Lewis, a slightly psychotic farmer who really likes to hit things, as he attempts to end the tyrannical reign of the omniscient Singer known as ‘Owen’, see what he did there?

Oh Heartland, Up Yours is one of the less strange songs on the album, one that sounds like an actual song rather than some string-heavy film score. It’s also very good. It sounds a bit like a nightmarish Nick Drake at times too, which was absolutely something the world needed more of and a statement which totally contradicts my earlier claim that it’s less strange. To clarify, it is strange but not as strange. It’s also further proof that Canada  may well have all the music, or at least all the good stuff.


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