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You know you’re an enigma when the second search result that pops up on Google is a passport photo. When one of the top two images the whole internet produces of someone is verification that they exist, that’s a sure sign that you are dealing with someone seriously underground. Frustratingly underground. Career haltingly underground.

Such is the case with Jai Paul, a guy who, actually that’s all we can confirm about him, he’s a a guy. Probably. A mysterious figure who first emerged in 2010 when his 2007 demo BTSTU got Radio 1 airplay, Jai Paul has kept things firmly on the down low since. In fact, the first thing he did after he broke out was to take down his Myspace page and all his music for reasons that make no sense whatsoever.

Still, he released a demo, surely that’s a sign of an upcoming EP or an album or something? Nope, after a 5 year break he returned with, erm, another demo. Yes, it took this man 5 years of work to release a demo version of a song. What’s even more incredible is that, well, it’s incredible. I don’t know what he has to tune up because as is it sounds pretty damn amazing, and everyone else thinks so too.

It’s not even like it’s rough production-wise either – the production is possibly the best feature. It puts big-budget acts like Coldplay in the corner and dreamily whispers that this is how production is done. Seriously, he’s crammed so many sounds in there and laid on the effects so thickly, yet so smoothly, that I can’t even describe it. In fact, much like Diane Young by Vampire Weekend, I don’t have a clue what to call this music. It’s certainly indie, but only in spirit. The only adjective I really have here is that it’s amazing. I guess you could call it funky, but it’s dreamy as hell too and that insane sort of dubstep-y synth at the end just crushes everything.

Also, note that the actual song, although it has that helicopter-y thing, doesn’t contain the whole Apocalypse Now Dennis Hopper intro-thingy even though it totally should because it works perfectly.


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