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It speaks volumes about Weezer that their most critically acclaimed album, 1996’s Pinkerton, has been all but entirely disowned by main man Rivers Cuomo. This is a band so hopelessly committed to their sound that they will simply refuse to accept even the most glowing of praise for anything different. It’s a serious flaw.

Mr. Cuomo, the whiny, irritating Green Day-lite sound you have is nothing to be stubborn about. The loose, fun, quirky and endlessly self-deprecating tunes of Pinkerton? Maybe they’re something you should take a look at again, people weren’t lying when they called them good, or when they called them a totally necessary development for a band that seem trapped in some kind of vortex of 90s regret that they stupidly refuse to break out of even when their entire career collapses. So, y’know, just bear that in mind Rivers.

Anyway, positive stuff. As I mentioned earlier, Pinkerton is just about the only album worth listening to other than The Blue Album, though even that only has like two good songs, and El Scorcho is the prime example of why. It’s fast, fun and sounds like a band just jamming and having a good time. Even the vocals sound nice and carefree, they’re closer to spoken word or just some dudes shouting at a sing-along.  It’s a massive improvement over their trademark ear-hate nasal whine. Essentially what makes this album, and this song, great is that it sounds more like a band and less like Rivers Cuomo bitching about everything in the most irritating manner humanly possible. Buried underneath all this hate I swear there’s a compliment about this band somewhere.

It’s probably something about the lyrics being refreshingly sincere, if a bit plead-y, and how the guitars burst with life, verve and – Lord save me – attitude. Yeah, that’s right, it’s got…attitude…Atittude…bitch. God that’s probably the most 90s word ever, if only for its association to WWF. It’s fitting though for an insanely 90s band who never grew out of it even when they’d already, unwittingly, started to. If only they didn’t have so much damn attitude. Truly, it was the scourge of that decade as much as it was its making.

So yeah, digression and stuff.


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