The debut album of noted recluse/ possible musical genius Jai Paul has been leaked. They’re only demos and they got pulled off Bandcamp pretty quickly so it’s not exactly devastating news for him; but then again he is a very strange artist and evidently something of a perfectionist – your first track came out five years ago man, get a move on – so who knows, he could flip out and scrap everything to keep his precious element of surprise.

That’s one of two things that made this sudden release seem credible – the fact that if he was going to release this seems like exactly how he would, and the fact that its bloody brilliant, even for some demos. All 16, thus far untitled, songs are in his typically strange, hard to pin down style; one that glides between genres amidst a swirling sea of ludicrously good production. And the occasional sample from goddamn Star Wars.

What’s weird is that Jasmine, his most recent official release, sounds the roughest out of everything; or just more subdued or something, it’s very odd indeed. Things are really never simple with this man. One thing I never thought I’d say about his album was that Jasmine was a weak spot. That speaks volumes about both how weirdly crap it sounds, and how great the rest of the album is.

What’s even better is that BTSTU, his 2007 release, sounds like it’s finally finished. The production on that serves as a benchmark of what to expect from the finished album, and it doesn’t disappoint.

We already knew he had a great voice but this release shows off just how pretty and emotive it is, as well as the way in which Paul is able to masterfully mix production to get the best out if it. And every other sound for that matter. The soundscapes here are swirling, shifting and endlessly interesting.

God I’m pumped about the proper release. Make it happen soon, please.

The Quietus has the stream so you can listen for yourself there:

There’s also this video some guy threw together that combines track two with Bollywood, thus proving that when you combine Jai Paul with other things you get better things. Much better things.  Brace for seriously schizophrenic editing and camerawork, it is just all over the place in India.


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