When you get bored you do strange things. I make lists. I made a list. It’s my favourite songs and it’s so big and wonderful I gave it its own section, where, eventually, I’ll add other top things like my top albums and top 100 songs(when I have the heart to cut some more from my current list) and possibly even yearly top things. I may even add top things for other things, like games and films and things. If you’re similarly bored and lacking in motivation feel free to send me your own and I’ll add it too. Keep it literate though.

Anyway, enjoy mocking my unabashed fanboyism and quietly(or maybe loudly) judging my selection.


A New Thing


8 thoughts on “A New Thing

  1. taralepore says:

    Hey you. Thanks for following my blog!
    Reading this thing about lists made me laugh, because all I did yesterday was make Top ten lists. I had a lot of revision to do, so I wrote lists.

    Unabashed fangirlism:

    1.Reel around the Fountain- The smiths
    2. Five Years- David Bowie
    3. Don’t be Cruel- Elvis Presley
    4. Ballrooms of Mars- T.rex
    5. The Look of Love- Dusty Springfield
    6. Strawberry Fields Forever- The Beatles
    7. Will you still love me tomorrow?- The Shirelles
    8. Super Trouper- ABBA (hangs head in shame)
    9. The chemistry between us- Suede
    10. Just like a woman- Bob Dylan

    I think God only knows would be #11 though.
    Nice blog X


    • These kinds of lists don’t even provide any joy for me once I get into them(which I always do), theyalways result in so much stress. I can get behind quite a lot of the stuff on your list though, and the stuff I’m not sure about I’ve often been told I should like. Reel Around the Fountain, by a band I love (though not necessarily a song I love) is case and point.

      And never be ashamed of ABBA, we’ve all gone through that phase. And no band that sold almost 200 million records AND won Eurovision ever did it without earning it. ABBA are a great band who made great music that no one should ever be ashamed of. Gimme Gimme Gimme was very close to making my own list for a while.

      Also, I think Strawberry Fields Forever might be the only non-George Harrison Beatles song I like. So well done on that, I guess.


        • And Madonna totally stole it for Hung Up, which I’ll never forgive her for (by which I mean both the theft and the horrifying video that accompanied it). Nope, Irish studying at Exeter.


          • taralepore says:

            I think it works well in that song too, though, which just shows how great the riff is. Oh, right- on, I’m trying to find myself a uni & exeter looks delicious (and also I believe Thom yorke went?!) Alas, I don’t think I could get the grades (I am a dumb show)


            • It has lots of trees and was funded by Sheik with a questionable human rights record, what more could you need? And yeah, he used to dj at the uni club. And Jk Rowling went too. So we have those two…and almost no one else. Just use the word ‘Alas’ a lot, that makes anything sound smart.


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