It took a while but, finally, I managed to churn out a Top 10 Albums list. It’s replete with pictures, over-long descriptions and opinions so wildly subjective that they throw any attempt at credibility out the window. It’s also, for a list constructed almost entirely on impulse, totally predictable. Like, just ridiculously so. I look at it and I think ‘Wow, this list could not have been more obvious’. I also got so carried away typing up stuff about each album that it became clear that doing something similar for 100 Albums or Songs would just be stupid. It would also probably result in the single longest webpage in the history of the world, and no one wants that. So, instead, here’s a Spotify playlist of my Top 500 songs. You cannot possibly imagine how difficult it was to cull those down to 100. The key? Try and make a Top 50 and you’ll inevitably pick way too many and end up with only like 10 slots to round out. Anyway, enjoy judging my music taste further.


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