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What’s Playing – The Soft Moon

Zeroes, the follow up to Oakland based post-punk band The Soft Moon’s brilliant debut, was a pretty disappointing re-tread of what made their first album so unique and incredible.  It was so similar that you could barely even call it a new album, instead just half an hour of songs that sounded pretty much the exact same as what came before. Ironically, this is perhaps best seen on the song ‘Remember the Future’, which I swear is literally the exact same in every way as a song from their first album.

Want is one of the few tracks that sounds even remotely different; and therefore one of the few worth listening to. I guess Luis Vasquez and co. were going for a darker, grimier feel for their trademark dystopian sounding style, and Wants is one of the few places where this direction, or any willingness to mix things up, comes through. It’s propulsive, moody, atmospheric and utterly infectious in its looping, spiralling simplicity. The fact that this simplicity and deliberately looping structure is integral to their sound just makes the re-tread on the rest of the album all the more blatant, and intolerable.

Still, Want demonstrates what this band are really capable of – though they seem to have forgotten to add an ending to it – and reinforces my belief that this band need to soundtrack something apocalyptic/80s and horrible. Now I’m gonna go listen to their debut again and tap my foot so damn furiously for the next half an hour, possibly whilst enigmatically staring into the distance and imagining that I’m Ryan Gosling getting ready to destroy some faces under neon lights.


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