Horror at Halloween

It’s Halloween and it’s a Tuesday, which means that pretty much all you can do is sit in and watch some scary films. I like watching scary films, so here are the ones I like most. Continue reading


Best of 2016: Film



2//I, Daniel Blake


3//The Witch


4//The Wailing


5//Green Room


6//Hunt for the Wilderpeople


7//Under the Shadow


8//The Lobster






11//Hell or High Water


12//Captain America: Civil War


13//A Monster Calls


14//Hail, Caesar!


15//10 Cloverfield Lane



Albums Of This Year

This has been a weird year for music. Save the really sad War on Drugs/Sun Kil Moon fight, it feels as if not much has really happened. U2 and Coldplay both released albums, but they were sort of under the radar and highly average. They weren’t bad – they had their moments – but they weren’t particularly memorable either. It kind of sums up most of the music this year. Lots of great songs, not many great albums. Continue reading


Assorted Albums Almanac // Mid-Year Madness

So many albums. So so many albums. So so many things, generally. The last few months have been a haze of essays, exams and mutilated sleep patterns, all soundtracked by a weird mix of Beyonce, Deerhunter, St.Vincent, Owen Pallett, songs from Adventure Time, and the occasional strategic burst of Future Islands to jump-start my mind. I also got to see Annie Clark roll around on the floor like a total idiot on Jools Holland and make me feel bad about yet another person I find cool; hear Kasabian’s new, dubiously dancey, horrifyingly laddish (well, the video anyway) single ‘EEZ-EH'(Christ); and, of course, see a bearded woman win Eurovision.

I also got to fall completely behind all musical developments except for the ones I really care about – by which I mean Owen Pallett. But that’s probably for the best, since, as my review of The War on Drugs will show, I’ve also become hopelessly bored by miserable, bearded white guys singing over slightly lo-fi music. Unfortunately that seems to constitute most music nowadays, or at least a weirdly disproportionate amount of the music that gets good reviews. That hasn’t stopped me listening to everything Bradford Cox does, though, but then again he doesn’t have a beard and his misery is sort of justified by being born with a deformity.

Anyway, a bounty of reviews. Too many reviews some would say. Most would say that, truth be told. Continue reading


Hold On A Minute // 2013’s Mid-Year Review…And All That Stuff I Forgot To Review

It’s that time of the year again. That special moment where you realise that half the year is gone already and reflect on all the things you should have reflected on if you’d realised it a month ago. In my case that led to a reflection on what I’ve reviewed this year and how it all stacks up. How does mbv rank alongside Yeezus? What about Deerhunter and Daft Punk? Vampire Weekend and….wait…I never reviewed Daft Punk. How…how did I not review that? Well how about David Bowie? No? Christ. I have some work to do.

Here then, rather than an actual reflection, is a run-down of some of the big releases I was too lazy to write about when they were actually relevant. From Daft Punk to Bowie to Primal Scream, it turns out there was actually rather a lot. I’m not including Jay-Z though because his album was too boring to finish.

So here it is – 2013: Half A Year of Hindsight. Continue reading


The Great Hunt: A Rough Guide To Deerhunter

Deerhunter. So long one of my pet hates. Now, essentially all I ever listen to. I hate to admit when pretentious indie sites like Pitchfork and co. break my resistance, but, goddamn, if Deerhunter aren’t one of the finest bands of the 2000s then I don’t know what’s what anymore.

And now, as the circle loops back round, it’s fallen to me to try and convince the world, or the unfathomably minute percentage of it who read this, that they’re a band worth listening to. Continue reading


New Stuff // Kanye Hits SNL

It’s that time again, Yeezy season, where everyone talks about how much they hate Kanye West and how stupid he is and then inevitably buy his latest piece of brilliance. As always it’s a season that starts off in controversial, divisive style – this time on last week’s SNL, which he made clear was not a laughing matter(even though, as a comedy show, it actually is). He debuted two songs from his upcoming album, supposedly called Yeezus, an objectively ridiculous name, and held nothing back as he basically just screamed into the microphone against an all black backdrop whilst the words ‘NOT FOR SALE’ flashed epileptically in the background. Continue reading