Arcade Fire//Everything Now Review

“We’ve all got this “literary” fiction that simply monotones that we’re all becoming less and less human…and we all buy the books and go like “Golly, what a mordantly effective commentary on contemporary materialism!” But we already “know” U.S. culture is materialistic. This diagnosis can be done in about two lines.” – David Foster Wallace to Larry McCaffrey

How about “Infinite content/We’re infinitely content”?

Arcade Fire have never sounded so shallow, tired or cynical. It’s been coming for a while – their three most recent albums have all featured a track or two dedicated almost solely to Win bitching about the youth – but it’s never seemed so fatal.

The relentless ‘message’-ness and moralising of Everything Now – it’s about how we have everything now and infinite content has not made us happier – makes for pretty poor company most of the time, made worse by a smug sense of superiority and half-baked experimentation. Continue reading


Murphy’s Law // Arcade Fire – Reflektor Review

What better way to return from a two month blog absence than by tearing into something you love. Oh Arcade Fire, I treasured you so. You could (mostly) do no wrong. Funeral and Neon Bible stand as two of the best albums of the 21st century and The Suburbs, well, it had its charms I guess. But even the minor disappointment of that last release pales in comparison to the deep, haunting sadness Reflektor makes me feel. Continue reading

What's Playing

What’s Playing – Arcade Fire

I often forget The Suburbs actually exists. It’s not a bad album or anything – it’s just not very memorable. I remember the “ro-co-co-ro-co-co-ro-co-cooo” of, erm, Roccoco, the piano of the title track and the grandeur of Sprawl II fairly vividly, but I feel no compulsion to actually listen to them again. It’s just all very bland. It’s good background music but it lacks the immediacy and oomph of Arcade Fire’s previous albums.

The exception to that is The Suburbs (Continued). It’s a minute and a half long refrain of the first track that closes out the album, and it’s among the best pieces the band has ever produced. Continue reading


Oh Canada!

Canada, the world’s second largest country and one among the wealthiest; among the best for human development and quality of life; the most progressive and, of course, the most depressingly pale imitations of America.

And yet somehow, inexplicably, it is the ugly environmentally-conscious sister that is ever-increasingly coming to the fore. It’s the land of ice hockey and bacon and stupid accents and those block head looking people on South Park that is gradually taking over the most powerful nation on Earth.

Welcome to The United States of Canadia. Continue reading