What happens when you get bored? You talk to someone? You go outside? You play games? No, you make lists and go slightly insane. Being someone who gets exceptionally bored exceptionally often, I decided that the time was finally right to compile a list of the best things ever. Or the best music, anyway.

After many hours of scrolling through iTunes and chopping down nominees, I managed to produce my Top 100 Albums Ever (subject to change), and  my Top 100 Songs Ever. Below lay the chosen few, the survivors of a battle waged across numerous nights that could have been spent infinitely more productively. Below are my ridiculously subjective Top 10 Albums and Songs. The first half of the Albums list in particular is shamelessly subjective. I mean it doesn’t attempt to be remotely objective about these choices. You will likely disagree with a great many of my decisions and may say many cruel things about me to your monitor. When you do bear in mind that is in no way definitive. In fact it’s probably the least definitive Top 10 ever published ever.

So, without further ado, my attempt at  Top 10’s without sounding too pretentious or gushing(and utterly failing):


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