Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

A good album, and possibly their best, made up of good songs that are, pretty much without fail, about three minutes too long. Seriously, even Get Lucky, that insta-classic, Nile Rogers driven piece of disco wonder, is like six and a half minutes long on the album.

The disco-electro gambit undoubtedly paid off, and though it’s the band’s most polished album by some distance, it’s could still definitely have done with a bit of a trim. Like, a twenty minute trim. Still, when all’s said and done and Get Lucky finally leaves the hive mind’s inner ear, people will remember this as proof that Daft Punk are still the kings of electro.


Listen to:

Get Lucky, Giorgio Moroder, Contact

Vampire Weekend//Modern Vampires of the City


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John Grant//Pale Green Ghosts


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